Head Trainer/ Chef de Formation

Motivational Biography

Motivation is what you want; motivation is what you’ll get! Rocky Sharma is a passionate, insightful and dynamic motivational keynote speaker and coach.  Not only has Rocky Sharma obtained a Bachelor of Arts University Degree in Criminology with a concentration in Psychology, he continuously partakes in certification programs, seminars and lectures from the likes of Anthony Robbins, Donald Trump, Richard Cunningham and Bill Steel.

Rocky Sharma is an individual that has geared himself with the survival tools of life and dedicates his life to teaching others how to use their tools, in order to live a full and complete life. His success is based on his clients’ successes as well as computing empowering speeches and lectures that leave those who hear them, motivated, educated, inspired and ready to pursue a life of purpose.

The only three words to best describe Rocky Sharma are motivation, education and inspiration. If Rocky Sharma’s commitment and dedication to his clients’ health and fitness is not enough, his credentials go on for days; a Master’s Degree in Personal Fitness Training, Multiple Sport Conditioning Certifications, a Group Fitness Training Certification, a Spinning ™Instructor Certification, a CASI Snowboard Instructor, a N.C.C.P. Level 3 (Multi-Sport Coach) Certification, a 1st Degree Black Belt in Karate and most importantly is a member of the Canadian Red Cross Sport First Aid – Sport Alliance of Ontario.

Since then, Rocky Sharma has appeared in many different newspaper articles and participated on several television shows such as Road Grill with Matt Dunigan and now is a regular fitness expert on the nationally broadcasted show Today’s the Day with Lianne Liang.

It should be no surprise that Rocky Sharma’s mission statement is to empower his clients mentally and physically through motivation, education and inspiration. Not only does Rocky Sharma specialize in developing sport-specific programs, weight management programs and body image programs, Rocky goes into Schools and Institutions to help kids and teens learn how to exercise safely and maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Rocky Sharma is a mentor to many top trainers in the world who seek his knowledge and vision of the fitness industry and is a Lululemon Athletica Ambassador. His client list is at an all-time high spreading itself internationally to places like Russia, South Africa, France, as well as North America like California, Washington, New Jersey and all throughout his birthplace Canada. Being in the industry for 16 years Rocky Sharma has trained well over 10,000 individuals and taught over 1,000 group fitness classes.  Whether training school teachers, mothers, professional athletes, models, runners or fitness enthusiasts, Rocky Sharma’s knowledge, versatility and experience explains his ability to deliver results. Unquestionably Rocky Sharma is at the top of his game and will be for many more years to come.